dual philosophy

Our boats reflect a dual philosophy. On the one hand, they are intended for people who enjoy fast, manoeuvrable craft with sublime sailing characteristics combined with the power of V8 engines and the symphony of their distinctive sound.

For whom

For real petrol heads we have a version that reaches a top speed of 100 km/h. On the other hand, we build for people who love 1960s chic styling. People who fall in love with the design and all the associations it brings, choosing to follow their heart in the recognition that they can always buy a more practical boat sometime in the future.

best balance

Ventura boats incorporate state-of-the-art approaches and components. We always seek the best balance between ‘retro design’ and the latest technologies and engineering techniques. People who appreciate contemporary reliability, luxury and comfort can rest assured that they are in the best hands.

Our skills

At the core of all we do is our Dutch heritage of boatbuilding across all the disciplines involved in creating your vessel. The Netherlands has a leading reputation around the world for premium quality craftsmanship and at Ventura we share this collective DNA and rich heritage. It’s at the heart of all we do, from woodwork to smart engineering.


We believe that wood is one of the finest materials to work with, versatile and with virtually endless possibilities. Wood is equally ideal for complex structures, cabinets, windshield assembly or deck laying, shaped endlessly by sanding, varnishing, tinting or fitting additional elements in materials such as stainless steel.

We hand-build our hulls in accordance with the drawings to be as stiff as possible. The complex framework is carefully wrapped in epoxy and finished with high-quality mahogany with a colour, texture and shading that emphasises the timeless and elegant lines.